Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Hot red

Wheeeew, this is one hot look from sergioa today! I featured this Hotbuys bag in one of my recent challenge posts and thought I should share this awesome look styling it too^ The style of the bag is a perfect fit for this look and the green fits very well with the bright red of the dominatrix-styled coat. The white trousers and top base are a great match for the bag, as is the addition of those sunglasses which are looking ever so cool. Love the meshed boots too, not something I'd typically style but this look really sells them to me =D

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

We Wear Hotbuys A U G U S T | Blue Tassel Earrings

Aha the final HB of August, and we'll be stepping into September soon! These are the Blue Tassel Earrings from It Girls and they cost 12SD's, which I think is about right for them. Definitely a different month when you get two pairs of earrings included in the HB's, personally I think I prefer this pair but I'm sure some of you love the adorable pom-pom pair^
I really liked styling this piece, I found it super easy to look over just a few pages of my closet and pick out items which would work well with the earrings - they're definitely a hugely versatile piece and definitely worth a go! And remember to vote in our poll:

Beauty Snaps

Monday, 29 August 2016

T R A I L S | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

Hot on the heels of the last TRAILS release comes another 2 floors for this store! I definitely found it easy to pick up a few autumnal pieces from this release as the colours were perfect on them - I've seen quite a few stylings of my favourite pieces, so I think they were a hit with everyone =D
Firstly Cold_Iceberg. who has gone with the Floral Print Midi Skirt in a very sweet almost country style fashionable look with the use of this LE blouse - it's not a piece I've seen styled well, so this really blew me away, I kinda want it badly now^ Anyway, the blouse looks great with the skirt and the collar matches the skirt very well. Love the red tones bag and shoes, they're a great match to each other and the clothes. Plus, can't forget that beauty look, I think this is one stunning doll!
And secondly Mia1435 going with the Brown Suede Effect Pants in a pretty retro styled look. I love the yellow and orange tones of the top half with the trousers, they're super complimentary and I think the accessorising has been very creative with the choice of blue in the bag and sunglasses - I think it works out well =D
And then my looks - I purchased 3 pieces from the store, the Brown Suede Effect Pants, Floral Print Midi Skirt and Super Wide Leg Pants. I think it's such a bonus that there's good SC pieces in this release and that definitely makes TRAILS a popular store for the time being! The tones in them all are fairly similar, so as a set I found them easy to style with neutrals and tans. I think these will be perfect pieces going into autumn and they work very well with reds too, so maybe an autumn lookbook featuring these pieces will be in store =D

Pink and girly

Gotta adore this ultra-feminine styling from Mh91 today! It's been a while since I've been seeing pink worn well so this is nice and refreshing for the colour. The white trousers are a great base and I really like the different shape of these, tempted to go find a pair for myself, and they suit the shape and style of the top very nicely. And all the pink!! The shoes, bag, sunglasses and floral earrings are fabulous together, it's definitely not too much or over the top - I love it =D

Sunday, 28 August 2016

We Wear Hotbuys A U G U S T | Orange Suede Platform Espadrilles

Ahh the penultimate Hotbuy of August! They were definitely stretched out a lot this month, don't you think?! So these are the Orange Suede Platform Espadrilles and they come from Bizou costing 17SD - which is maybe a little on the expensive side, but I quite like them as a piece. They have a nice colouring and I think the shape and style is pretty good =D
I think these are pretty cute sandals, and they definitely have potential, again, another piece I would have wished for at the start of summer as I'm someone already thinking about autumn booties for my doll to wear! And remember to vote in our poll: