Sunday, 26 March 2017


I decided to attempt a styling of this dress from Callies Pick's.

 I was super pleased with how many starcoin items they had in the latest collection, especially since Callie has a bad habit of making previously sc items into sd ones. 

I wore:

Callie's Picks Shirt Dress
Basic White Lace Dress
PPQ Of Mayfair White PPQ Scarf
Tingeling Halloween Couture Serpentine Headpiece
Inspired By Chanel Tribute White Box Logo Purse
Special Tribute GOM Plexi Nude Heels

Saturday, 25 March 2017

We Wear Hotbuys M A R C H | Micro Dott Slip

How did this happen, it's the last March HB already?!?! This is the Micro Dott Slip from Fallen Angel and it costs 28SD's, which is maybe a little expensive for a base but I think it could definitely have the versatility factor if you give it a chance! The shape is simple on the doll but cut in a flattering way. I like both style features of the lace trim and the dotted style which does come across as gingham-like when you look from afar =)
I don't know about the others but this was a really easy-to-style HB! I think the two different style aspects of it make it easy to work with a wider range of styles and it really slipped naturally into pieces that I go to a lot^ Vote in the poll too:

Overall overalls

I think this is a fab outfit for the new Spring season spotted on Nitielll...... recently! This mustard sweater has been a great winter piece, so it's fresh to see it out from underneath a coat and I think it looks particularly good in this DIY overall look with these perfect black culottes (I love the shape difference between them and the sweater^) and the patent bralette, they all fit nicely! The accessories are perfect and highlight some fab features, but I especially like the use of this sweet little HB bag =D

Friday, 24 March 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #128

Following up from my recent PEARLS Review, I decided to style the two bags that were released with the collection for this challenge post - the Kelly Inspired Classic Handbag and the Primrose Tassel Handbag, both sweet pieces with adorable designs and in perfect current colours^ I went for pretty opposite colour schemes for the looks, choosing black to let the red of the Kelly Inspired Classic Handbag stand out well, and it works! I like the style of the crop trousers with the bag style, they're a sweet pairing, also loving the straps on the coat tying in with the hanging strap of the bag. While for the Primrose Tassel Handbag I went super match-y with these yellow trousers and this surprisingly rather useful fluffy jacket^ I love this look as something quirky for me and I think it actually works out really well for my doll and for the bag =D


Street style all glitzed and silvered and designered up in todays look from James69. =D There's a lot of different styles mixing in there but I think it's an effective styling all round. The white base is great to layer onto and I like the addition of the 'We Should All Be Feminists' tee with the meshed vest, they're a great pairing, and I like the silver marble effect of the jacket with these pieces as well. The belt really stood out to me as a fab creative piece, love the draped chains and the sweet little Chanel bag included^

Thursday, 23 March 2017


Recently a very kind friend gifted me this awesome Winter Garden Floral Skirt from Bizou which has been on my wishlist for what feels like ever! And I've been very excited to style it for you^ I tried to go in with an open mind and try a range of styles, colours and pieces, but naturally I've come right back to purple in them all ... oh well, there's always next time =D
For my first look I tried to pick up on the 'winter' of the name and choose warmer darker pieces, and I like the black with the skirt, I don't think it's too much, but also love this lilac coat I just think the shape isn't quite right for what I was wanting. The second look is possibly my favourite and I wore the skirt as a top! I think it's pretty perfect here and it works with that fur so well! The white trousers are a great light piece for the look and I couldn't help but accessorise with more purple in the shoes - this is something I will 100% wear again and I look forward to trying it with different coats and jackets =) And lastly something a little smarter - collar sweater and blazer, naturally in purple and white^ Not sure if I think the purples go very well, but it's an easy fit together for the skirt!

Suite Style

Oh so stylish and fashionable with this awesome suite feature from blairvanderbilt - who rocked another suite room back in January^ I love this classy style for the marbled suite room, the black pieces really stand out and pop against the white and the gold fits in very well =) I love the quirky style of pieces chosen, like the chair and lamp and tables. Love all the little decor pieces making up the centrepiece, I think they all look good as a set, plus the painting choices, very cool!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Red River

I've been looking for a way gueto style these shorts and the sweater was just what I needed!

Callies' Picks Encroaching Peach Sweater
Paearls Cavalry Shorts
MSW YSL Inspired Scarf
Other World On The Plains Bow
Wild Candy Couture Pearl Hardcase Clutch
Fallen Angel Heavyweight Black Platforms

- Love, lucy