Sunday, 26 February 2017

Pink pieces

I love pink this month, it's come as a surprise as it's still winter, but this look from Heneda fell right into my 'LOVE' category of styling! It's just a whole lot of pink and it's worn well =D The printed dress is a great piece that you don't see styled a lot and I think this look is all in its' favour^ The bubblegum colour is nice against the pastel of the oversized shoulder shirt, they really complement each other well, and the deeper coloured clutch is a great contrast! Adore those silver strapped sandals too =D

Fresh Ink

Depending on your preference for tattoos, you may or may not have had much to say on the recent Ink'd release. 
I'm something of a fan of tattoos, although my doll has none - this is because I love wearing them like I've styled here - as prints!

I've showcased a bit of this before and if you can master the resize glitch, the world is really your oyster. They look great on their own or, the transparency means you can incorporate them into patterns that are already on your clothes or onto sheer fabric. This graphic flower is one of favourites and is certainly more co-operative than some of the more delicate designs. I've gone for something quite bold, but you could easily keep the design small for a breast pocket or a badge.
The possibilities really are endless...

Ingredients / You Will Need
Geometric Flower Tattoo | Ink'd
Branded Tee | Original Future
Sequin Vest | Bunny Hop Gift-o-Meter
Buttoned White Maxi | Millionaire Mansion Fashion 
Jacket 2 | Bonjour Bizou
MDNA Earrings | Royalty
Black Silver Buckle Belt | Voile 
Transparent Shoulder Bag | Velvet Orchid
High Heeled Slim Boots | Nelly.com

Saturday, 25 February 2017

We Wear Hotbuys F E B R U A R Y | Asymetrical Zip Skirt

It's our final February HB and hasn't this month gone quickly! This is the Asymetrical Zip Skirt from Fallen Angel and is priced at 19SD's which I think is pretty reasonable. I don't really wear leather-style skirts much, so I'm quite looking forward to giving this one a go, although I think it would also be pretty awesome in a few shades of pink too, that's something which I think would definitely stand out well =D
I ended up really enjoying styling this skirt and found it quite easy to style, especially considering the length is pretty short and won't work out for everyone - a pair of tights solved that for me! And vote in the poll too:

Stylin' Shoes

Double feature! I've featured these StarDesign shoes on the right before, made by ThePerpetua and styled here in this awesome look from federerexpress - I love them with the split skirt, it really draws your eye and highlights the shoe well and the ties on the shoe are continued in the bows on the blouse at the neck and sleeve. However there's a new pair on our pavements^ The pair on the left are a brand new design in this little collection, and aren't they fab?!?! Here they're worn by GossipGirlSBC and the cropped trouser gives the ankle just the right amount for those shoes to take centre stage - love it all, the point, the rings and the bow^ The black and white clothing complements the shoes and the red lip gives just a tad of a pop off the screen =D

Oversize For Spring

With Love 

Friday, 24 February 2017

Springy Frills

Fashion week season is going on at the moment, and you see amazing springy street style looks everywhere on the internet! This is what I would wear if my doll was going to attend to one! (There's a fashion week going on in the Stardoll Facebook world, where my doll actually is attending, you should be able to find it if you search for Stardoll Fashion Week) I really enjoyed the new Jetset release, love those springy colours. As A huge yellow-lover, I set my eyes first to this yellow jacket, but I prefer to use it as a skirt! You need three of them to do that, though!

Items used:
Frill Primrose Jacket x3 - Jetset
Crisp White Cami - Jetset
Gucci Inspired Tiger Belt - Runway
White Box Purse - Callie's
KimK Grammy Heels - YH
Kurt Sunglasses - Royalty

Focus on the Hot Pink

With Love

Sea mesh

Love this sea-mist-blue styling with a great mesh of pieces from polinapolinka today! The black and white base gives a solid background for the outfit and both colours really let the blue-purple tones stand out positively. The mesh vest works really nicely merging with the top and trousers letting the base colours shine through but it's tied in really well with the silver belt. The lighter blue of the shoes and jacket looks nice and helps the purple tones of the shirt stand out. Not something I would have thought of, but it's a fab way to wear mesh stylings!