Thursday, 25 May 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #148

Something sweet and fun today with feminine pink styling this next bag for the challenge - the SS16 White Backpack from PPQ which is a handheld piece in a sports-luxe style. Despite it's easy looks and reasonable colour and size, I find this one tricky to style because of the low hanging straps - if the skirt or trousers are too cropped they don't look quite right around the ankles, however these pink jeans are a good fit! The pink definitely lets the bright white shine around it, and I continued that flow in other pieces of the look, I think the 9 to 5 Lab Coat skater-skirted style works really nicely here =)

Layered love

Love a good layered styling in this next look from dm2udm2u today =) The outfit primarily makes good use of the recent Subcouture items but I absolutely love the layering of the top created from this blue-lace-nude-sleeved piece underneath and then the sheer bow blouse on top, it looks great and sells both pieces well! Both tops work very nicely with the silver skirt and I love the casual vibe added by the sweater in hand which is contrasted by the flashy boots and bag =D

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

I T G I R L S | Release Review

At the end of last week we got a brand new drop of It Girls in the Plaza! I'm sure a lot of us were expecting Young Hollywood, but this release is still pretty good too - and no limited items^ The homepage advert is the typical style for this store and shows off a range of bright colours and current pieces that this store is offering us =)
Highlights I really think this store came out on top, I think the release really stands out in the Plaza and there are a fab mix of trends and styles and pieces to choose from - even if it's just the usual one floor release! There's quite a clear gradient in the store, from black pieces through denim and then to light pieces but I think it works well to catch attention. I'm just pretty impressed overall =D
Accessories A minimal collection of accessories as always with these releases but I think this set really covers all the bases of what you need. For me the All Or Nothing Patent Pumps really stand out, not just because they're the only shoes, but they immediately catch my eye as a current and trendy item. In terms of boldness, the Valentino Inspired Orange Shoulderbag certainly grabs attention being bright orange, which I really love. It's stylish and everyone can't resist a little bit of something designer. I like the over-shoulder style of bags like this too, it's definitely a wearable piece! The Lace Lace Up Choker is a pretty delicate piece which I think will be quite popular for feminine styles.
Clothing I already mentioned the gradient between styles in the store and I think this works really nicely for the store as it will probably appeal to a wider audience which I always like to see - even if not everything is to my taste^ I'll start with the darker pieces of which two really appeal to my eye in terms of being what I would regard as current and trendy, the Chiffon Off Shoulder Top which has some cool layers and a little ruffled feel to it which I really like in adding to a look, and also the Belted Western Lace Dress which has an oversized design with quite cool boxy-styled shoulders. I like the texture on this one too and I think it deserves a chance to be styled! For me the Green Puff Sleeve Trench didn't stand out so much, I like the idea and I think it could maybe be nice, but I just wish the sleeves were full length for me to get enough wear out of it. Of the denims I'm split quick 50:50 on them, I like the Patch Denim Midi Skirt and Layered Tshirt Dress a lot, they're different pieces we've not had in the Plaza, are current, and make for interesting styles, while I'm not so into the Ripped Festival Denim Shorts nor the Pink Pearls Loose Fit Denim jeans, I don't find them very flattering on my doll or all that current really =/ And lastly at the paler end of the store featuring pinks and whites and I'm really quite sold on these items! Absolutely love the Simple White Denim jeans, they're like the non-ripped version of the HB jeans we got a while back, so I think they're pretty perfect in fit and design! Initially I wasn't sure I'd like the White On White Corset Top, but after trying it on and seeing a few stylings I really like the style, and the fit of the tee is pretty awesome. I think featuring it in a styling would make an interesting focus. And the pinks! The Rose Tulle Sweatshirt Top is quite an adorable piece, and despite it coming across certainly as tricky to style, something draws me to it anyway ... maybe the perfect shade of rose, or maybe the desire to try out this trend^ And lastly the Romantic Mesh Blouse, which is quite awesome for such a sheer piece. I love the frills and the cool sleeve design, it definitely makes the top stand out, and I also love the high collar neckline, it works very nicely for the piece =)
Prices The release ranges from 12 to 25SD's, which I do think is maybe a little high for a regular floor release, it's always good having a couple of items under 10SD or in SC's additionally. There's also 3 pieces which are SS only.
Styled Outfits I ended up buying quite a few pieces from the store and had a lot of fun styling these 3! They're definitely summer oriented looks and it gets me excited for more stylings like this^ First up the Romantic Mesh Blouse and these trousers are a perfect match in both colour and style! The polka dots of the top are highlighted against the trousers and they fit well with their sheer design - couldn't have asked for two pieces to fit better! I chose matching shoes and this trusty yellow shoulder bag. I'd definitely wear this outfit again, but do look forward to trying the shirt out with some more items. Secondly the Simple White Denim jeans which really could have been worn with just about anything, I just happened to choose some pinks! I love the sandals as they really show off the ankles and let the ripped hems get some limelight. Not much else to say about them, but they get full marks for versatility^ And lastly the Chiffon Off Shoulder Top which almost looks like a dress paired with this skirt and I really like the quite nice formal feel the look has, which is added to by the All Or Nothing Patent Pumps and a matching bag. It's minimal yet quite beautiful and an effective way of styling the pieces =)
Features And now for a couple of features! This is Fashion__Victim wearing the Patch Denim Midi Skirt and Valentino Inspired Orange Shoulderbag in this young street style. I really liked the use of the orange vest with the twill design of different colours matching the bag strap very well. I also like how the orange has been combined very well into the muted blue tones, it looks good and it stands out, great job =)
And then millaxx wearing both the White On White Corset Top and Simple White Denim jeans, they look good together, what's not to like?! The black overcoat adds a vibrant contrast and really draws attention to the shirt especially I think. I love the boots chosen too, they suit the slightly grungier style of this outfit and yet still highlight the ripped hems - thumbs up!

Resort ready

The first thing I thought when I saw today's fabulous styling by FunOpler was 'Wow isn't that just resort summed up in one look?!?' I love resort collections and this styling is totally on point for their vibe and for summer as well! I think the green looks amazing and the white skirt is a perfect popping contrast. The printed panels at the side are great and such a good idea to transform what could have been a very nice but minimal skirt^ The accessorising is simple yet fitting to the overall style and it's just right =D

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

We Wear Hotbuys M A Y | Selena Ombre Earrings

In keeping with the Hotbuy accessories, here is our next one! These are the Selena Ombre Earrings from It Girls and they cost 15SD's, which is maybe a little pricey for earrings, so I think that might be a little negative point that people easily pick out about this piece. I love the colour gradient, it's super pretty and the tones chosen are perfect - plus they offer a lot of choice for outfits, so many options based on these colours =)
Just a whole lot of pink today! Pink is the easy choice I think, I did have a good browse through my dresses, but nothing fitted quite as creatively as I was looking for, so I just need a little more time, but there's definitely something that's not pink that works super well with these earrings! I definitely like them on my doll a lot more than I expected to, which was a nice surprise =) Remember to vote in the poll too:

Frolicking flowers

Flaunting all the fabulous-ness with this bright and bold styling today from M.FENTY! This orange zebra coat certainly catches your eye the minute you see it, it's not something you can style in a subtle way, that's for sure^ But I love it paired with this second bold print of the boots - in fact they're StarDesign, which is crazy amazing, and they're a perfect match for the floral printed pieces we recently got in Subcouture. I think the print certainly holds its own against the coat, it's definitely paid off in this styling going for 'more is more'!

Monday, 22 May 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #147

Looking smart and classy today with this next challenge post. This next bag is the Studded Mens Clutch from the Couture Tribute store which came out a few years ago now! It's advertised as being for the guys but to be honest it's a pretty unisex piece that could work for anyone. It's pretty minimal with a classic clutch shape and being black makes it versatile. The gold studded trim is a nice addition and really highlights the need for further gold in an outfit^ No complaints from me there! I stuck with a simple dress to let the gold stand out which I used in my heels and earrings, although I made a bad hair choice there and you really can't see them ... I like it though =D

Pastel arts

Love this pastel pink look from twittersred - I really think it's perfect for spring and is right on all the popular trends! I like the satin bra ontop of the polo, I think it looks classy for the style and the matching pink high-waisted lace midi skirt is a fab pairing! It's a piece I didn't buy because it looked pretty tricky to style, but this is perfect for it =) The denim is a nice contrast and adds an artsy feel to the outfit. Also liking the socks and lace shoes pairing, super cute and stylish!