Friday, 23 June 2017

# S U I T E W I N D O W

Moody Midsummer

Happy Midsummer guys! Here it is cloudy and cold, and that reflected on my outfit too! All though you can see little ray of hope on my top... Still hoping for the sun to come out! 

Items used:
Beaded Dress Inspired by McQueen - Tingeling
Waxed Petal Applique Skirt - Voile
Black Wishbone Thin Belt - Gucci
Marimekko Inspired Bag - Vinyl
Leopard Glasses - YSL
Front Row Sandals - Young Hollywood

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #158

Tonight another challenge post, today featuring the Pom Pom Purse from Fever which came out last year. I like the deeper red rather than it being a brighter red, I think it works well for a lot of seasons and colour pairings but I stuck with a classic red for this one. I love this top as it adds a nice shape and I don't feel like I have to wear outerwear with it, making the look super summery how the bag was intended! I like these culottes with the outfit but I think there could be a better colour match with the bag still^


Triangle Print Vintage Dress | Bonjour Bizou
Branded Tee | Original Future
Pouch Waist Purse | It Girls
Hanging Knitted Sweater | Mr.
Amber Shades | Special Offer
Sneakers | ThePerpetua
Ruby Socks | Pretty n' Love
Baby Blue Socks | Pretty n' Love
Comflower Socks | PPQ of Mayfair

Pastel smoke

Mixing summer with the seasons surrounding it today in this styling coming from Uplooad^ I love this pastel pink maxi - a style and colour which are staples right now, but it's really been utilised to make it a more versatile piece. This look is ready for spring or autumn with the inclusion of the navy polo under the dress, and the two pieces fit the doll together really nicely! The pink is continued in the sparkly earrings while the dark tones are used in the chunky platforms and bag, as well as the fabulous smokey eye =)

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

We Wear Hotbuys J U N E | Metallic Peach Pumps

And another HB, one of my top picks this month I think, the Metallic Peach Pumps from Bizou priced at 18SD's. I just love everything about these shoes, the shape is pretty and I love the slight curve of the heel, I think it's a flattering style, and I also love the slight point of the toe. The peachy pink colour is beautiful and current, and the glitter is a perfect touch as well as not being too overwhelming for the piece =D
Ughh these shoes are just so cute! I love them so much and I'm stoked to style them even more! From our looks, other pink pieces are clear winners, but I think there's a great option there in  the muted green sweater - plenty to play around with =D And vote in the poll as usual too:

Red leg

Light and airy and popping with colour in today's feature styling from NixieSure =D These harem pantaloon style trousers are a flowy light summer piece, and I love the introduction of the red splashes to the style. The top has been put together creatively and I like the layering of the short sleeves on the long ones. The red stripes on the trousers give a nice definition to them and they work well with the boots and overshoulder bag - these pieces will also look awesome in autumn^ Plus, that snake designed as a belt piece is pretty cool =)

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

We Wear Hotbuys J U N E | Rock N Roll Tulle Denim Jacket

And next HB, the Rock N Roll Tulle Denim Jacket from Evil Panda costing 17SD's - I can't get my head around the pricing system that makes the Platforms from yesterday cost more than a jacket! This piece is great and I think it definitely lives up to my expectations from the advertising =) What I like is the fitted shape at the shoulders but the looser fit lower on the body with the sleeves and the tulle hemming from the waist - it's fashionable and so far looks like an easy piece to style!
I think there's a lot of great options for styling this piece, and given the rather cool design (well, in my opinion at least!) I think it's a great deal for the price! As you can see we've really gone for a range of pieces with it from smart and dressy down to casual - plenty of choice^ And vote in the poll too: