Sunday, 23 April 2017

Bursting Spring

Found this beeeautiful Fendi dress in bazaar today, and I immediately saw its potential as a skirt! Giving me slavic vibes with the flower print on black fabric, and I am loving it! Wanted to freshen up the look with the bright red blazer and white shades, so it would not be too dark! Though I'm weirdly into black at the moment, both in Stardoll and real life... 

Items used:
Fendi Inspired Ruffle Dress - Runway
Petal Piles Top - Pretty'n'Love
Bouquet Blouse - Bizou
Fire Red Blazer - Balmain
Barbados Scarf - Riviera
Kurt Sunglasses - Royalty
Front Row Sandals - Young Hollywood
Black Wishbone Thin Belt - Gucci
Dionysus Black Leather Bag - Limited Edition


Despite the upcoming Spring and Summer I still really like this darker styling brought to us by polinapolinka today^ The ocean-tones look great and I love the eye-catching way all the different textures have been brought together, I think it's super effective at making a stand-out styling! These blue trousers are a great base and I love the sheen that the top has to it, which is muted down with the heavy overcoat. The casual trainers are a nice addition, but you have to love the glitz and glamour with the makeup and earrings =)

Saturday, 22 April 2017

We Wear Hotbuys A P R I L | Suede Multi Coloured Handbag

It's been a good few days since our last HB and now it's the last one of the month! Which has come around very fast! This is the Suede Multi Coloured Handbag from Bizou and costs 24SD's. I think this is a really cute version of a bucket bag for our dolls and I also think it's a very versatile one with all those colours to pair with, I think they give it so many different style options that there should at least be one to please everyone =) I also like the texture, the shading and highlighting on the bag make it look like an attractive piece!
We've all picked out slightly different tones of the bag to highlight in our looks, really showing the range of the piece off - hopefully you'll like at least one^ I think the style is good for summer and I look forward to wearing it in a few months time with the rest of my favourite summer pieces! And vote in the poll too, though it might be tricky to pick just one answer:

Friday, 21 April 2017

Stolen dance

Hello again! On this post, I wanted to try another trend that's been around for a few months now: dress over pants. I wasnt really fond of it at first but it grew on me, so I decided to give it a chance. And this LE dress is a good option to start. Let me know your thoughts about it!

I am wearing:
LE dress & bag
DKNY shirt
YH shirt
Cheap Monday shirt
OTTO pants
Runway heels

Cecilia x

Bag It Up Challenge #136

It's Friday! Yay^ I'm relieved as I've had a very busy week! Time for the next challenge post, this time featuring another old Hotbuy, the Gold Chains Bag from RIO which came out in April 2014, so 3 years ago, and I definitely haven't styled it that much in that length of time - this piece is great and easy to style, so I'm sad that I've neglected it! I think it works well in classic styles and the black colour and gold chain make it easy to match with other pieces. I also love the style, the over-shoulder position is great and I love the strap down to the hand, it's totally unique in this way, although I'd love more choices like this on Stardoll =) I stepped a little outside of my box for the look, but I think it suits the street style that these jumpsuit trousers give. The black polo is a good base and fits with the overall look well. I accessorised with just a little gold, matching the bag, but also letting that big chain stand out and catch your eye!

Diamond street

Very cool and chic in this latest feature from singiel - combining classic base pieces with modern current trends in a rather nice way^ The knotted crop top is cool, and I love seeing it paired with a skirt, and a chic one at that! The chained diamond dress is amazing layered ontop of a black base, and the styling as a skirt suits it so well. The accessories fit this style perfectly, the strappy heels, choker and sunglasses. The tartan coat stands out as a street-style piece but also stands out as fitting in well with the rest of the look surprisingly - a good idea, I just wish I had the coat to try out some stylings!

The Mellowest Yellow

Well hello there!
It's taken some time, but I've finally accepted that Spring has sprung. The new Rio release helped in particular with these lovely yellow patterned trousers.

Aren't they lovely? The whole release has a more summery vibe overall, but I thought these would translate into something fresh and breezy. Nothing like white crisp accents and flowers to say Spring!
Also, these earrings are fabulous - the 'rope' effect is subtle enough to still look sophisticated.

Ingredients / You Will Need
Wide Leg Dotted Pants | Rio
Supersized Rope Hoop Earrings | Rio
Slit Sleeve Cape | Tingeling
Gigi Cream Silk Blouse | Limited Edition
Dogwood Headpiece | Voile
Selena White Clutch | Young Hollywood
Tiffany Shoes | Voile

Thursday, 20 April 2017

All on Red

All-red outfit can be dangerous, but I kinda think that I pulled it off! What do you think? It's definitely a show stopper, you simply can't be noticing a person who wears only bright red. (Or orange... I see it more as red but it's really close to orange.) So, I think the new Rio was a winner! There was few tacky items too, but this top is so cute that it makes up every flaw!

Items used:
Criss Cross Batwing Blouse - Rio
Orange Maxi Vest - LE
Orange Tailored Pants - Rio
Basic T-Shirt - Fudge
Hot Red Skirt - Archive
Orange Handbag - Gucci
Givenchy Inspired Heels - Fallen Angel
Earrings - Epiphany