Thursday, 8 December 2016


Styled outfit! As soon as I saw this Off Shoulder Shirt in Fallen Angel in the recent 'Black Friday' sale, I knew I wanted to include it in this post. Sadly it was removed from the store after the sale but it wasn't expensive and I'm sure you'd find it in the Plaza for a good price^ I have to say though, despite seeing a lot of people styling this piece well in the last few weeks - I really struggled with it! Although I'm pretty sure the colour is black, I do think it comes up a little off-black when paired with other black tones, which I'm not sure I like so much. I went all dark with my stylings and I really tried to stay away from outerwear to make use of the showing off of the shoulders that the shirt does!
Firstly the most wintery styling of the bunch, and I quite like the shirt paired with a skirt and tucking it in looks best I think. I went with tights and a furry vest to add some interest to the look but it still shows off the shoulders and the rolled sleeves. I tried trousers with the second look, and I don't think these are the best choice, but oh well! I do still like the draped outerwear with the shirt though as, as I've said, it still shows off the shirt features and I liked adding this golden necklace to draw attraction to the neckline of the shirt. Went back to a skirt with my final look, but I think it's a poor choice. It certainly adds a feminine curvy shape to the doll but I think it's the slight colour difference that makes the change in preference. However I like the shoes with the shirt^
Let me know what you think of both the shirt and these looks in the comments below =)

Pink punch

Pretty in pink! Love this unconventional outfit from zeszyteres today - it's definitely different choosing to pair all that red and pink together, but you know what?! It works =D The velvet trousers are on trend and I love the flowing shape to the leg and the design of the stitching. The pink tones pair well together but also with the trousers, but it's totally the accessories that add all the bonus points to the look! Love the pink clutch bag tucked away on the right, but love the pink socks and red platforms together even more, so cute^ Plus the beauty look fits right in!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Check Please!

I've been a little despairing of my wardrobe recently - bookended by an overdose on Limited Edition and a PPQ release that made me so, so sad. I've always picked up some of my solid staples from PPQ - pieces that I come back to time and time again - so I felt pretty dejected, left the store largely ignored and skulked about the Starbazaar instead. 

However, Kirsten's review reminded me that I had actually purchased the Check Wool Coat in the vain hope that inspiration would come my way. Lo and Behold! A little resizing jiggery pokery and I'm obsessed. 

I'm aware this isn't exactly season appropriate but I'm trying to detox black turtlenecks out of my system for a bit...

Ingredients / You Will Need
Check Wool Coat | PPQ of Mayfair
Hobeika Insp Top | Windows On The World
Crisp White Cami | The Jetset
LE Vetements Inspired Patch Denim | Limited Edition
White Gabriel Bag | PPQ of Mayfair
Low Rise Sneakers |

N E L L Y | Release Review

Brand new Nelly! I love a Nelly release, so I was excited just from seeing this cool homepage advert, it gives a different feel to the usual ones and I think it really tries to sell the versatility that the store can offer in terms of clothing - off to a winner from the start! *I know there is another new floor too but as there are so many awesome pieces and features I will review them separately, find part 2 on the 9th of December^*
Highlights This is the usual size of release with the typical amount of pieces I'd say. There's definitely a street style feel to this floor with hints of glamour mixed with casual in there too. It's not too much a wintery release but there are definitely party-esque pieces included in there for use!
Accessories Although I don't feel that there are a huge range of pieces in the accessories category, I do think there are the same sort of pieces and numbers that have been available previously. I feel like there's a lot of focus on the shoes, but that could just be because not many clothing covers them and they're cute prominent in the store - there are two pairs on offer, the Studded Pointy Booties (don't you just love the name?!) and the Laced Up Block Heels. I quite like both pairs really, I don't think I could pick out a better pair between them^ There are three bags available, but I really think the stand out fashion winner is the Burgundy Fringe Backpack, I think it checks all the boxes in terms of a great colour, design, shape and size, and I definitely think it makes a good addition to your wardrobe. Additionally there are a rather cool pair of sunglasses, the Le Specs Inspired Sunglasses with their golden tone and then almost some jewellery with the Thin Black Bow Choker, a piece which I think is hugely popular, I've seen an incredible number of looks with this piece, I could probably do a whole set of features from it on its own^
Clothing And now the main attraction, the clothes! They pull your eyes in so many directions it's definitely hard to pick out a focal point. There are quite a few dresses in the store, 6 in all with different colours and lengths and styles to suit most occasions! There are three black pieces, the Lace Sleeve Dress and Tuxedo Style Dress are fairly similar but the second has a bit of a looser fit. Then there is also the Long Star Black Dress which I think is perfect for winter with the neck high up and the pretty designed long sleeves. The star print continues all the way down to the hem which I really like for the piece. I really like the Metallic Rib Dress in the release, the asymmetrical ruched hem in a great style feature and I love the shimmery pink colour so much! Also in pink is the Sinead Solid Midi Dress which I think would be great in the spring with the strapless style and floating material along with sheer panel around the hem. Then there is the cute set of Loose Fit Velvet Pants and Dolled Up Velvet Blazer which I think looks awesome^ Velvet is popular right now and I think the design of the set could certainly be a boost for the pieces - I've purchased both and I look forward to wearing them paired and as separates. The rest of the store very much has a casual focus. There are two styles of jeans, the loose fit Vintage Cindy Jeans and the stylish skinny Panel 80s Denims, I prefer the second of the two on my doll, but I think both pairs are good for the store and definitely fit the release. To go with those are two fab jackets, both of which I love, the Silk Embroidered Bomber and the Tiger Baseball Jacket. The style of them is quite typically not me, but I like these two and am definitely willing to give them a go, especially with the pink being so wearable, but I think they seem more like spring pieces so I might hold on a bit for those however I've seen some fab stylings of each that I've included in the features below!
Prices The collection ranges from 13 to 25SD's, with really only one or two items priced over 20SD's so I think this is pretty good for the pieces you are getting. This range also fits in perfectly with the last several releases from Nelly, so I'm pretty happy about this =D
Styled Outfits So much fun putting together these looks from this release! First up the Panel 80s Denim jeans, a bit of a different style of jeans for me, but I quite liked working with the change. Tried to go for a winter casual look using this furry fringed jacket and white trainers. I really like this casual style and think I could easily work with the jeans again soon^ Secondly the Metallic Rib Dress in rather a typical look for me with this pink fur, but the colours are so complimentary together and I love them with these burgundy touches in the accessories, sure I wear this style often, but it's one that works well! And lastly the Loose Fit Velvet Pants. I love them with more navy tones, totally something I'd repeat but I added a black jacket to break up the colours just a little. Loved adding the silver toned belt and silver metallic heels though, the colour is perfect with the blue =D
Features So many awesome features next, and so creative! First is B.E.A.T.K.A wearing the Sinead Solid Midi Dress in this cool boho stylish styling. I love the addition of the sleeves, especially the cool purple/pink printing, it makes it such a unique piece. The accessories are great, love the red contrast on the pink and the boots make a surprising fit to the look =)
Now two looks with the Loose Fit Velvet Pants. First polinapolinka going very fashion-week-chic with this cool fur sleeve and biker vest pairing on the top half, I think it works really well for a different sort of style for these trousers. Love the rest of the blue toned accessories and beauty choices, if you're gonna go all out ... go all out!
And the second look is from Mh91 going super classic with the trousers all in navy and textures. Love the polo pairing but I think the velvet coat is a perfect chic choice, wishing I'd thought of that myself! Love the blue pointed heels, they're great and the earrings really stand out in their metallic against the darker clothing choices =D
Next up are the jacket stylings! This one is pandaribbon wearing the Silk Embroidered Bomber in this very street chic look. I love the dusty pink with the navy, they're great together, and I love the use of the big golden belt with the embroidery on the jacket. Plus those pink Dior shoes are just fab^
And last but not least styling the Tiger Baseball Jacket is nicki_-_-minaj! Love this casual pairing, especially wearing the jacket with this chunky knit, makes it totally suitable for winter stylings =) The jeans fit fine and the accessories are spot on with the tied belt and mesh socks, very cute but super styled at the same time!

Winter garden

I feel like the title is a perfect description here, this look from aby400 is all about those winter florals and it totally rocks the socks off them^ Love these trousers, and I'd only recently popped them out of my wardrobe again so it's good to see someone else doing so too. The floral colours are perfect against the purple polo sweater, the two pieces are a fantastic match =D The overcoat makes the look ideal for the winter and the accessories are totally spot on, love love love the silver with the flowers, so perfect =D

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

We Wear Hotbuys D E C E M B E R | Bao Bao Clutch

HBs are flying into the Plaza! Here is the Bao Bao Clutch from Original Future costing 20SD's. It suits the store concept really well and I quite like the feel from the piece with the geometric style to it. Plus metallics are always good in the holiday season to add glamour to an outfit =D I also like this one because of the name Bao Bao, I don't know the original piece, but Bao Bao is a popular name for pandas, with one of the most famous in Europe being called that^^ Enough rambling, on with our styles:
So cute and dressed up we look in our heeled stylings^ I loved styling this HB and found it really easy to pick out pieces which worked well, so it's super versatile to work into your wardrobe. And remember to vote in the poll too =D