Sunday, 22 January 2017

We Wear Hotbuys J A N U A R Y | Red Metallic Bag

Our next HB is ready, and it's the Red Metallic Bag! It's from Bizou and costs 13SD's which I'd say is pretty fair. I'm not sure I like the patterning on this piece, as you can see above from close up, it doesn't look so metallic and more just a criss-cross pattern, which I don't think makes it all that attractive however from afar you really don't notice it so much. I do like the red colour though, and we've had some good red HB bags in the past so maybe this one will be better than I expect!
I think it's growing on me, seeing how the others styled it definitely helps, and I do think it is a pretty versatile piece that a lot of people could style well into their own ideas and looks^ Plus vote in the poll:

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